About Us

We are a small business that started in 2019 around the idea of bringing all the world’s best munch and putting it in one place for people to enjoy. We started locally in our neighbourhood and found that there was a real appetite for our munch.

We are a team of munch fanatics tired of always being over charged for all the amazing goodies we wanted to eat, so we pride ourselves on the aspect that we are affordable and not overpriced. Our customers appreciated this and we found that more and more people wanted to shop from our range of amazing munch.

When we introduced our premade Sweettooth boxes, they were a massive hit thanks to the multiple types and sizes we offer. We also offer the option to add a personalized message to each box, so these are perfect for Birthday presents or gifts to friends and family, just write your message in the comments box on the checkout page.

We also offer a wide range of smoking supplies I.E. RAW rolling papers, Element rolling papers, Grinders, Rolling trays and many more!! 

On our mission to bring you the world’s best munch, we offer you safe shopping on our website, safe payment using Paypal and fast and secure shopping with our courier partner Royal mail first class.

Time to take munch seriously!

Unfortunately we can not accept any returns.

All of our photos are professionally taken either by ourselves or odd shots LTD. Instagram